9 Ways to Use the Color of the Year in Your Wedding

color of the year coral wedding theme wedding ideas

Color of the year 2019 is Living Coral! It's a lovely color and is pefect for an outdoor wedding! Ready to incorporate this color to your wedding? Here are some ideas!

1. Get a Wedding Dress in Living Coral 

If you are a great fan of the color of the year, why not get a living coral dress! It would be so beautiful and would definitely impress everyone!

Wedding Dress from Farfetch.com

2. Get Living Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you decide to get a white wedding dress, having your bridesmaid dress in living coral would be a brilliant idea. You will look extremely beautiful in the middle of your loverly besties. 

You may let the ladies pick different coral shades that flatter their skin tone, a mix match coral bridesmaid group  is fantastic!


Bridesmaid Dresses from Dorriswedding.com


 3. Hair and Makeup

A living coral hair dye is so much fun and it's great for every length and style.

Or maybe just add a hint of the color of the year by living coral makeup: living coral lips, eyeshadow or nails, just gorgeous!


4. Something Living Coral

Well, to get a living coral bouqquet is definite an excellent choice.

Adding a living coral flower to your head, wearing earings or necklace in this color can also lighten up your look. 

Or maybe just a pair of living coral shoes.


5. Groom and Groomsmen

If the groom likes the idea, a living coral suit or vest could be fun and a great match to your white wedding dress.

If you don't want to go that far, then just have the groom and the bestman wear a tie, a buttonhole, suspenders or just a pair of socks in that color.


6. Decorations

There are so many ways to add the color of the year to your wedding decorations, living coral flowers, balloons, candles, almost any decoration picece can be found or made in living coral.


 7. The Bridal Party

Don't forget other members in your wedding party. The ring bearer and the flower girl could be soooo cute in livging coral!

So are your best dog and cat of honor.


 8. Cake and Dessert

The sweet living coral!


9. Invitations

Guess everyone would be happy to receive your wedding invitations in the color of the year!

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